Suli Suli, who nearly quit in 2019 due to financial difficulties, graduated today

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In 2019, Suli Suli was going to quit half way through his Communications degree studies at Divine Word University. 

Suli is not one to ask for help. He had already made the decision to quit and had requested EMTV’s then Head of News Neville Choi, for full time employment.

We asked him why he had made the decision. What came out of the conversation was that he was worried about the difficulties his family, especially his mother, would go through to pay the K7000 needed to secure his placing to continue.

Long story short, we asked people to support him. Running against a tight deadline, it was a gamble. If people helped, he would go to school. If not, he would have to revert to plan A.

Several people chipped in to help this kid. Most of them didn’t want to be named or acknowledged. One other organization allowed him…

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Bookworm | Former Radio Broadcaster at Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation | Journalism Student at Divine Word University, Papua New Guinea | From Choiseul Province, Solomon Islands

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